Stars: 5/5

This has to be one of John Green’s best books yet. Hazel has thyroid cancer. Augustus has osteosarcoma. But this is not a book about cancer. This is a book about love and friendship. It’s funny. It’s intelligent. It’s worth reading–or hearing. It’s also one of the Evergreen Young Adult Award nominees. Check it out!

I think I like the cover below best. Which one do you like?



The Peculiars4.5 out of 5 Stars

It’s fantasy at its finest. Lena has to find out about her dad. She’s pretty sure he’s a goblin, and he might have a treasure for her. She’s going to have to be tough and smart if she’s going to find it. She’s also going to have to deal with people who will try to use her and people who will try to get her to help them with illegal activities. If you like smart, strong women, you’ll love this book.

4 Stars

Az is MS-13. Lexi is attached to the Crazy Crew. Az has no idea why he has been brought to detention, but he knows he’s supposed to watch Lexi and get it figured out. This book will make you rethink gangs, rivalries, and what is important. The Knife and the Butterfly

ImageI’m stingy with my 5-star reviews. This book is pretty special. Follow Viola’s journey from war-torn Sudan to the United States. Ms. Farish tells the story in free verse, so it’s a quick read, but she doesn’t skimp at all on the emotion or the story. Viola’s story will inspire and educate readers about the brutality that brings people to the United States.


4 Stars

To take medication or not take medication. . .that is the question. Are Chuck’s compulsions enough to make the side effects of Lexapros worth it? Without Lexapros he could lose his girlfriend AND his best friend. Who wants to admit they can’t handle their problems on their own?

Torn by Stephanie Guerra

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4.0 Stars

This book has it all: gorgeous, confident senior girls, parties with college boys, snarky friends. Find out whether Ruby will cost Stella her boyfriend and her high school graduation.

Erebos by Ursula Poznanski

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Review coming soon. . .

4.5 Stars

Perry’s parents make him take the foreign exchange student to the prom. What could go wrong? Several dead bodies later, you’ll find out.

This book is fast-paced and action-packed. Revenge is a dish best served hot, and Gobi is just the Lithuanian girl to do it.

60 Second Kruse Reviews

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