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ImageI’m stingy with my 5-star reviews. This book is pretty special. Follow Viola’s journey from war-torn Sudan to the United States. Ms. Farish tells the story in free verse, so it’s a quick read, but she doesn’t skimp at all on the emotion or the story. Viola’s story will inspire and educate readers about the brutality that brings people to the United States.



4 Stars

To take medication or not take medication. . .that is the question. Are Chuck’s compulsions enough to make the side effects of Lexapros worth it? Without Lexapros he could lose his girlfriend AND his best friend. Who wants to admit they can’t handle their problems on their own?

Torn by Stephanie Guerra

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4.0 Stars

This book has it all: gorgeous, confident senior girls, parties with college boys, snarky friends. Find out whether Ruby will cost Stella her boyfriend and her high school graduation.